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In February 2018 the Modern Metal Band “Elephants in Paradise” releases their debut album “Wake Up”. The ten songs of their first work span the gap between hard rock and power metal. The four musicians are not afraid to experiment with elements of other styles. Memorable, harmonious refrains support complex, aggressive compositions. A concise, feminine voice embeds the partly critical content into the rhythmic but also different musical works. The entire album invites the listener to reflect and invites him to venture beyond borders and question norms.
“Elephants in Paradise” show with their debut album that they clearly enjoy unusual media presentations. “Wake Up” already gives an idea of the power the four musicians release on stage.


01. Forever Free
02. Feeding A Lie
03. Breaking Bad
04. Wake Up
05. Losing Paradise
06. From Hell
07. Angry Angels
08. Stay Away
09. Love And Hate
10. We Are Here

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Heavy Metal Time Machine January 18, 2018
Elephants in Paradise is a four-piece heavy metal/rock band from Vienna, Austria that was formed in 2015 by veteran bassist Christoph Scheffel. The forthcoming “Wake Up” is the exciting full-length debut for this up-and-coming outfit that features two members of Jacobs Moor within it’s ranks: guitarist Rupert Träxler and drummer Rainer Lidauer. Exceptional lead vocals come courtesy of Cara Cole and so far two singles have been released from this highly-recommended album, “Breaking Bad” and “Feeding A Lie”. While these two numbers are remarkable in their own right, “Wake Up” has more in common with the grand long players of yesterday. Full of elegant and engaging numbers from an exceptionally talented and bright quartet, “Wake Up” is one of those rare modern day rock/metal albums that is better played in all it’s entirety! It holds your attention from start to finish and that has everything to do with the performances of everyone involved. Lead Singer Cara Cole is a haunting presence on the microphone while her band-mates play with precision, power and passion. “Wake Up” is as much a heavy rock and roll release as it is a red hot melodic metal/power metal one. As far as debut albums go, “Wake Up” is a perfect example of how things should be done. Strong material and top-notch performances matter more than ever in a scene where heavy metal/rock bands are a dime a dozen. Based solely on the material of “Wake Up” the band Elephants in Paradise should experience lots of critical acclaim and plenty of fanfare. Unlike a lot of the terrible music that seems to be flooding modern rock radio these days, “Wake Up” is deserving of all the praise it gets!
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