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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

a metal ballad from Elephants in Paradise

Elephants in Paradise - BREAKING BAD [Official Video]

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Breaking Bad - all information about the music film

With the first single of Elephants in Paradise a music video was shot. Since the song was written after the intense enjoyment of the Breaking Bad series, the video should also have a similar visual language and play in a drug environment. It was clear to the producers that it was not possible to shoot scenes from the Breaking Bad series with a low budget production. So a new script was written, which was tailored to the amateur actors, the short shooting time and the locations.
It was important for the band to transport the lyrics well in the music video and to show that people can do the wrong thing for the right reasons. It gets bad when you like the wrong thing. And it gets even worse when the wrong is power and violence that pull you into the abyss.

Breaking Bad music film story

Cara is married to a businessman (Brad) who loses his job. (His boss says "you are fired" pushes an envelope into his hand and makes a casual Move your hand to the door. Make him disappear). Brad is angry and leaves with his things (carton) the office.
On the street he sits frustrated on steps. He is approached by a young street dealer who wants to sell him cocaine. He buys a few grams and snuffs them off the back of his hand together with the street dealer. He decides to get into the drug business himself and makes an appointment with the street dealer to buy a larger amount of cocaine and sell it himself.
At home he argues with his wife Cara. (He comes home, the food is cold at the table, Cara greets him lovingly and asks what's going on. He yells at her, goes to the closet, takes his savings, changes clothes and leaves.)
The street dealer makes contact with the supplier. (Nightclub, where he has a larger amount of cocaine from him. - comes in with street dealer introducing him, In the room is the supplier, his bodyguard checking him for weapons, 2 scantily clad beautiful women sitting to the right and left of the supplier. The supplier nods to the barkeeper, who pushes a bigger parcel onto the counter and collects the money from him.)
The handling and sale of drugs changes him. Since he still has good contacts to corporate customers from his ex-company, he can quickly sell the cocaine and the new business is going well. He only comes home sporadically now. Cara sits apathetic and resigned over a glass of wine. He ignores Cara, gets a few things and leaves.
He slowly becomes too successful for the supplier who fears for his post. With a big deal all the money is taken from him and no drugs are given. The supplier says grinning "you are fired" and makes the same hand movement as his ex-chief. Everyone laughs. Brad gets angry and shoots the whole gang. He flees via an underground car park. He is recorded by a surveillance camera.
Cara finds a sports bag with a lot of money at home. Running on television News where a bad photo is shown in connection with a murder. Cara recognizes her husband and wants to call the police. Her husband notices this and knocks Cara down.
He's nervous and hesitant about what to do with her. He wears the still unconscious Cara into the cellar and ties her to an armchair with plastic foil. He forgets the scissors on the floor next to the chair.
Back in the apartment he cleans the floor of blood. He decides to suffocate his wife with a plastic bag. He goes back into the cellar and pulls the plastic bag over his wife's head from behind.
His wife, while he was away, could free the left hand and use the scissors that she hid under her thigh. She is in mortal fear and gasps for air with wide open eyes and mouth. She feels for the scissors, finds her and stabs her behind the head a few times. She fatally injures her husband, who falls to the ground in front of her.

Making of Breaking Bad


CHRISTOPH SCHEFFEL: First I drew a storyboard with all scenes, camera settings and light settings. Then I looked at several places and houses where we could shoot the corresponding camera settings and scenes. Then the search for the actors began. Fortunately we were able to activate friends and people from an acting school. Another great help was Martina Reitinger, who made the mask. We had a lot of film blood with us... Well and then we just started to shoot. Without rehearsals, we started right away. I think everybody did a great job!

And what was in the camera bag? The photo shows a part of the shooting equipment for Breaking Bad. :o) Filmed with a Sony A7sII and Zeiss Loxia 21mm f2.8, Zeiss Loxia 35mm f2, Zeiss Loxia 50mm f2, Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro. 4k SLOG2, ProResHQ. Color grading in Adobe Speedgrade. Edited in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. A big thank you also goes to Andreas Altendorfer for his great work on the camera. He also realized wonderful camera movements with the Gimbal. (Came-TV Argo)

Camera Equipment
Cara cole

CARA COLE: Especially the scene in the basement was an extreme experience for me. I was at 4 degrees temperature in the cellar scantily dressed for 2 hours tied to an armchair. I was already completely cooled after a few minutes. The worst thing was the scene with the plastic bag over my head. The panic and screams were real.

Vocals: Cara Cole
Guitar: Bumblebee - Rupert Träxler
Bass: Scratch - Christoph Scheffel
Drums: Malleo - Rainer Lidauer
mixed by Rainer Lidauer
mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascinationstreet Studios

The Movie
Produced by:
Direkted by: Christoph Scheffel
Camera: Andreas Altendorfer, Christoph Scheffel
Make up Artist: Martina Reitinger
Make up Assistant: Carolina Zurita Mariani
Cara Cole as Cara
Sebastian Schinhammer as Brad
Philipp Zuna as Drug Lord
Thomas Pfleger as Barkeeper
Dragan T. as Bodyguard
Matteo Böhm as Drugdealer
Elisabeth Heinzl as 1st Femme Fatale
Verena Bieler as 2nd Femme Fatale
Klara K. as 1st Partygirl
Sandra Schuller as 2nd Partygirl
Angelika Dolna as 3rd Partygirl
Alfred Racek as Company Director
Michelle-Krystina Haydn as Secretary
Maximilian Schlenk as 1st Office Employee
Ines Gumpenberger as 2nd Office Employee
Specal Thanks to: Frank Steineke, Eva-Christina Binder, Toni Koschier and Thomas Weilguny