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19 Jun 2021
18 Jun 2021
Extinction Ignorance Album Cover


AlbumReleased June 18, 2021 order on iTunes order on Amazon Stream on Spotify

20 Mar 2021
14 Jan 2020
Alter Schlachthof Wels

Forever Free live

Live recording of the song “FOREVER FREE” at Alter Schlachthof Wels / Austria. Unprocessed audio material directly from the camera microphone.

04 Oct 2019
Rainer Lidauer - Malleo

Forever Free Drum Playthrough-Video

Which one of us doesn’t want to be free forever? This is very difficult to achieve. The range extends from actual deprivation of liberty and oppression to dependence on possessions, desires and feelings. Drum Playthrough Video showing Rainer Lidauer performing “Forever Free” in his studio. This version has been recorded and filmed live in one take. Setup used in this video: Mapex Saturn IV Drums & Black Panther Wraith Snare Drum; Aquarian Drumheads; Sabian Cymbals; Vic Firth 5B Sticks and […]

02 Sep 2019
Cara Cole

Losing Paradise

Hi guys we have “Losing Paradise” as official audio on YouTube for you!

08 Nov 2018

Stay Away

 Hi guys we have “Stay Away” as official audio on YouTube for you!

04 Oct 2018

WE ARE HERE – Playthrough Video

 A remixed version of “We Are Here” by Elephants in Paradise from the album WAKE UP using an Ibanez TAM10 8-string guitar. Rupert retracked the main guitar and recorded it in a live situation using from sE Electronics the GuitaRF with the microphones V7 X and Voodoo VR1. Recorded mono, no overdubs – just two microphones. Rupert’s pilosophy is always a modern way of setup and recording. He likes new technology but also mixing it up in common use […]

27 Sep 2018
Malleo on drums

Drum Playthrough Video of “Angry Angels”

 Drum Playthrough Video showing Rainer Lidauer performing “Angry Angels” of Elephants in Paradise in his studio. Rainer endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Sticks and Headphones, Skygel Damper Pads and Sib Systems BDHO II internal mounting brackets.

18 Jun 2018
From Hell Videoicon

FROM HELL Official Lyric Video out now!

FROM HELL Lyrics by Cara Cole lying on the floor feel the cold soaking into my skin and my heart crying out loud nowhere to go nowhere to hide feel the pain like from hell burning slowly my throat is getting tight I cannot move it’s like I fight myself hey sister – keep your feet down to the ground don’t panic – there’s nothing worth it hey sister – you’re gonna get through it all stay calm and – […]