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Forever Free Drum Playthrough-Video

Rainer Lidauer - Malleo

Which one of us doesn’t want to be free forever? This is very difficult to achieve. The range extends from actual deprivation of liberty and oppression to dependence on possessions, desires and feelings.

Drum Playthrough Video showing Rainer Lidauer performing “Forever Free” in his studio. This version has been recorded and filmed live in one take. Setup used in this video: Mapex Saturn IV Drums & Black Panther Wraith Snare Drum; Aquarian Drumheads; Sabian Cymbals; Vic Firth 5B Sticks and SIH1 Headphones; Skygel Damper Pads; SIB Systems BDHO II mounting brackets for internal miking inside the Bass Drum and all Toms; sE Electronics Microphones: V Kick: Bass Drum, large Floor Tom V Beat + V Clamp: Toms, Snare (top) V7X: Snare (top, bottom, side/shell) Se8: Hi Hats, Ride 4400a: China Cymbals RN 17: OHs RNR1: OHs, Room RNT: Bass Drum (outside, figure eight pattern) VR1 & VR2: Room (blumlein position)

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